What Is Off Page SEO & why we must do it [2021] is it beneficial for us.

Off Page SEO is generally digital marketing SEO technique which use to drive organic visitor in your website and increase relevancy, trustworthiness and authority of your website.

Every work which is do beyond the website called Off Page SEO. Simple meaning is you are not working on your website. you work on to drive traffic from different platform by creating backlinks.

you want to increase your business visibility and searches go with Off Page SEO. it will promote your business organically and give those person who is interested in your business.

Most of think Off Page SEO means only creating backlinks but it has several factor. every factor is necessary. for example : create backlinks one of the powerful part of OFF Page SEO but google give most priority social book marking and guest posting.

What Is Off Page SEO & Why You Need To Do This?

Every website want to rank on Google as we know it has many ranking factor for website/page generally we know 200 factor. but many hidden factor also present which is not tell by google.

For example : Moz study say 50% ranking chance is depend on Off Page SEO technique. so you should do Off Page SEO technique equally to On Page SEO and also focus on Technical SEO.

Ranking : It help to improve your rank position in search engine. you can see where your keywords are ranking and competitor also. you can’t acquire this achievement only rely on On Page SEO.

because when you do it on directory submission you have to target different keyword from different website and when you will get approval your keyword start ranking. whereas you also target this keyword On Page SEO.

Traffic : when you linked your website in different Off Page SEO Factor, you will get unlimited traffic. which is beneficial for you. slowly your brand name come on people mind in addition they will start direct search of your website google will also promote you when you get daily traffic.

For example : web 2.0 submission, article submission, blog submission, social book marking, profile submission, guest posting, commenting backlink, press release submission and directory submission.

Domain authority : only this technique improve your domain authority (D.A.) in simple word doing this activity continue your website age will increase in short time. which shows you website is not fresh your website has authority.

trustworthiness :

Page rank :

How To Do Off Page SEO Activity

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